Glenfall Community Primary School

OfSTED Report 2014 click link to read the report: OFSTED Report 2014 read more


School Structure

Anthony Mitchell (SMT)Head Teacher
ICT/computing Subject Lead
Designated Safeguarding Officer
Mandy Newdeck (SMT)Deputy Head
Data, Tracking and Pupil Progress
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Year 3 Teacher
Curriculum Lead
History and Geography Subject Leader
Catherine Whyte (SMT)Foundation Stage Teacher
Art Coordinator
Nicola Grisman (SMT)Year 5 (2 days)
SENCO (2 days)
KS2 Literacy Subject Leader (share)
Gemma Harris
Year 1 Teacher
Literacy Subject Leader (share)
Polly KellyYear 2 Teacher (3 days)
D&T Subject Leader
Maths KS1 Subject Leader
Kerry PasquetMaternity Leave
Louise SeeleyYear 3 Teacher (3 days)
KS2 Maths Subject Leader
Helen NyeYear 2 Teacher (2 days)
RE Subject Leader
Tom Radley
Year 4 Teacher
PE subject Leader
Tracey UppalYear 5 (2.5 days)
Science Subject Leader
Rebecca O'Connor
Year 6 Teacher
MFL Subject Leader
ITT Student Mentor
DT Subject Leader
Gill BannisterPPA Teacher (3 days)
Music Subject Leader
PSHE Subject Leader
Jane BrettinghamIntervention Teacher
School Council Leader