Glenfall Community Primary School

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At Glenfall, we offer a range of clubs. These run at various times during the week including lunchtimes and after school. Some clubs are seasonal and are only offered during certain terms.

Football club Y5/6
Andy Tucker football R-Y6
Hockey club Y4-Y6
Multi skills club Y1-Y2
Tennis Y3 – Y6
Tag rugby club Y3 – Y6
Netball club Y3 – Y6
Cricket club Y4-Y6
Gymnastics club Y3 – Y6
Rowan gymnastics club Y1-Y6
Ball room dance Y1-Y6
Country Dancing Y3 – Y6
Dance club Y3 – Y6
Athletics club Y3 – Y6
Home work club Y3 – Y6
French club Y1-Y6
Recorder club Y3 – Y4
Mandarin club Y6
Art Club Y3-Y6

Feet First 2019

Our theme this year was Harry Potter and our routine was called Expecto Patronum.  48 children from year 4, 5 and 6 took part and performed brilliantly at the Town Hall.

Club took part in the Feet First Dance Festival 2017