Glenfall Community Primary School

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Newsletter 3rd February

It’s been another busy couple of weeks at the school and I can’t believe that we are only one week away from half term.


Earlier this week I was showing a prospective parent around Glenfall. I felt very proud as it was a pleasure to see all of the children at work. I was impressed by how hard all of the children were working and the buzz in the classrooms. It has also been great to see how many parents that we have in school helping out with readers and supporting the teachers in the classrooms. It is also fantastic to see the Y1 parents in school on Friday afternoons for the reading sessions that are now very well established. Art, Mandarin and Ballroom Dance Clubs are now running again as well as dance and gymnastics on a Monday. These are all in addition to the usual clubs that have traditionally run at the school.

Newsletter 3rd February 1