Glenfall Community Primary School

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Pastoral Support Worker

My name is Maria Smith and I am the Pastoral Support Worker for Glenfall.

My role is to work with and support children across the school. This may involve a child learning to work alongside others through small group work or may be on a one to one basis where a child just needs opportunity to talk, build self esteem or develop their confidence through a range of activities, for example by working through scenarios, playing games or through the use of art activities.

At times, children may experience significant events within their home environment. It is part of my role to work alongside these children to enable them to come to terms with difficult issues, supporting them to come to carry on learning effectively and ultimately find ways to support their coping ability. Sometimes attending pastoral sessions may be temporary e.g. a term, or may continue depending on the child’s needs and/ or circumstances.

Making good connections between school and families is vital to the way children learn and so my role continues to develop with parents in order to provide more whole family support and more consistency between school and home within children’s lives.

I am available on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon as Pastoral Care.

If you would like to speak with me at any of the above times, please call into the school office to make an appointment.