Glenfall Community Primary School

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Year 6

Our topic this term is

‘Fantastic Journeys’

The book that we will be reading this term is ‘The Nowhere Emporium‘ by Ross MacKenzie where Daniel comes across a mysterious shop which seems to appear from nowhere! It is an exciting read filled with mystery, magic and adventure!


In history this term we are learning about the Anglo Saxons. We will be learning about why they invaded England and the impact they had on the country. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Anglo-Saxons - HistoryExtra

Christmas in Y6

We enjoyed our last Christmas at Glenfall with a delicious Christmas dinner and lots of fun and games!

Our Y6 treat afternoon!

For earning all of our Secret Student points, Y6 chose to have a film afternoon. We got into our comfy pyjamas and ate some snacks whilst we watched the film!

Fun in maths!

This term, we have learnt about the properties of 2D and 2D shapes. We can talk about angles and symmetry in 2D shapes and can identify how many faces, edges and vertices 3D shapes have. We classified the shapes into Venn diagrams for another group to guess how our shapes had been sorted.

DT teamwork

In DT lessons, we made a model of a shaduf. We had to measure accurately and use a saw carefully to cut the wood to the right size. We tested out our designs and evaluated them afterwards.

Your child has their spelling booklet with all of the spellings that they will be tested on this term. Here is a copy of their spellings below:

turquoise group summer term

crimson group summer term

Y56 spellings wordmat


Useful homework help:

Grammar, spellings and reading help with videos
Maths videos and explanations
SATS style questions
Literacy games and quizzes
Maths help and games

 Termly Letters

Y6 – Summer Subject Map Invaders