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Year 1

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Year 1 Staff:

  • Mrs Kerry Pasquet – Class Teacher
  • Mrs Helen Green – TA
  • Mrs Najma Chesshire – TA
  • Miss Claire Hannis (PPA)

Our Autumn 2 theme is ‘Let There Be Light’.


This term has some lovely writing opportunities. We will start by writing instructions for keeping safe during Bonfire Night, learning about imperative ‘bossy’ verbs. We will move on to writing a Remembrance Day Poem about what Peace means to the children. Later on in the term we will learn about the adventure of the ‘Stinky Sprouts’  which links beautifully with our PSHE topic.

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This term we get stuck into addition and subtraction skills, learning how to balance a calculation around the equals sign. We look at how two parts combine to make a whole, and how if you have the whole and one part, you got create a subtraction sum to find the other part. We practise using lots of mathematical equipment such as tens frames, numicon, part/ whole   cherry models and number squares to help us see that these calculations can come to the same conclusion in different ways. We  will learn about addition  families, finding the two addition sums and their two matching subtraction facts. It is going to be a busy term!


We will start this half term by learning how to identify, name and label parts of the human body. Although we don’t talk specifically about genitals the children may bring it up, in this case we will answer their questions simply and briefly and in very little detail.

We will then continue our exploration of materials and will have some hands on experiments based on  transparency and opaqueness, and how absorption works.


Here is our overview for this term’s theme – Let there be Light Autumn 2 letter overview 2023-24

Spelling tests will continue this half term. Paper copies will be sent home on Fridays in preparation for the following week.

Reading in Year 1

Please have a look at the documents below with advice on how to support your child/ren at home with reading. Thank you.



Our PE days are on a WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Don’t forget to wear your PE kit!



Autumn Term 2 in Year One