Glenfall Community Primary School

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Year 2


Welcome to Year 2!

Our topic this term is:



The children will be using their learning about Rainforests to write a non-chronological report about rainforests. We will continue to focus on writing in full, coherent sentences which are accurately punctuated with full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks. The children will also continue to use a range of adjectives to describe, and work on trying to vary the way their sentences are starting.


Fractions will be one of our main units this half term. The class will be learning to recognise and find fractions of shapes, objects and amounts. The children will also be learning to solve problems with more than one step, revise time and learn to create and interpret bar graphs and pictograms.

Weekly Spellings

Here are the spelling lists for this term. There will be weekly tests on a Friday.

Termly Letters

Summer Topic Overview

Class Photos




Children investigated the needs of four different plants. We made predictions and observed the plants over a 3-week period. Children described how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.


Year 2 investigated different materials to begin to understand why different objects float. We made predictions, discussed observations and recorded our findings. Some foil boats designed by pupils held over 100 marbles! Find some photos from our experiment below:


Positive learning experiences, as Year 2 gently held little Spring chicks and listened to a talk about a pet tortoise. Lots of questions and discussion.

Forest School

Magical wands and other special objects to sell in Forest School.

Design and Technology

Children designed a pair of slippers, then used a range of different materials to sew together their finished piece.

Year 2 followed a recipe to make yummy cupcakes.