Glenfall Community Primary School

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We believe that effective communication with all members of the school community will bring about a greater understanding and improved outcomes for all our children.  We endeavor to keep parents informed about school events through a variety of channels.


Newsletters are sent out fortnightly on a Friday and contain information about what has been happening at school and what is planned for the weeks ahead.  We celebrate success as well as effort in all the activities that children participate in whether it be musical, sporting or academic.  Newsletters are posted on the website on the day they are sent out.

Texting/e-mail systems

These systems enable us to communicate with parents in a fast and efficient way as long as parents supply the school with current numbers and e-mail addresses.  Teachers may contact individual parents regarding their child or may convey information about a particular team or group. Please always inform us if you change your mobile phone number or e-mail address.

Curriculum Evenings

We aim to hold regular evenings where parents can find out a little more about what their child is learning at school.  In recent years we have held evenings for numeracy, internet safety and reading.

Parent Consultation Evenings

These are held twice during the year and are designed to give parents an update on their child’s progress.  The teachers will discuss targets for each child as well as review previous targets. In addition to these meetings we hold a ‘Meet The Teacher’ session at the start of each new academic year. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the class teacher, see their child’s classroom, find out about routines for their child during the year and of course as an opportunity to ask any questions.