Glenfall Community Primary School

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The School Day

The School Day is 08:50 – 15:20.

You are welcome to arrive at school in the mornings between 08:40 and 08:50. The register will be called at 08:50.

If your child arrives after this time, it will be recorded in the register as a ‘late’ and is considered to be an unauthorised absence. The gates will be closed at 08:50 and any late comers will need to enter the school through the main entrance.

It is really important that your child arrives in time for the start of the school day to ensure that they begin their day in a calm and settled manner. Late arrivals to the classroom also causes disruption for the other children already in the class.

At the end of the school day all children should be collected at 15:20 unless you have contacted the school to say that you are going to be late. The teachers have many commitments at the end of the school day and are not always able to supervise children who are not collected on time.