Glenfall Community Primary School

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Technology plays a significant role in today’s society and our aim is to give our children the skills and understanding to work effectively and safely in our ever-increasing digital world. We are very aware that the equipment we use in school will not be the technology they use in the future; it is our role to give them the confidence to explore, ask questions, try out ideas and stay safe so they are equipped to use whatever future technology they encounter.


We have implemented a progressive curriculum, which covers three main areas:

  • computing skills / computational thinking
  • essential digital literacy skills
  • e-safety


Computing skills / computational thinking

This is taught through discrete computing lessons and is supported by the Teach Computing scheme. Throughout the school we use a combination of computing equipment – interactive whiteboards, laptops, iPads, data loggers, etc.


Essential digital literacy skills

In recent years we have become aware of a ‘drop’ in our pupils’ ability to undertake everyday tasks such as searching the internet, word processing, making presentations, saving and organising documents etc. We have, therefore, devised a progressive skills ladder that will ensure progression of these key skills throughout the school. This will be constantly reviewed to take account of our pupils’ confidence levels and new software etc.

Computing Curriculum Progression