Glenfall Community Primary School

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The school is well equipped to provide the children with the access they require to a range of technologies in this core area of the curriculum. There is currently a computer suite in the library area, Internet access and computers in every classroom a set of wireless notebooks, an ipad, tablets and interactive whiteboards and projectors in every classroom. All of the computer hardware is networked to a main server allowing all children access to their files from any computer in the school. The main hall is also equipped with a screen, data projector, laptop and PA system for assemblies, presentations and performances. The computing curriculum is divided into three specific areas which cover differing aspects of computing and Information Communication Technology (ICT).


Computer Science

This area focuses on programming, coding, algorithms and debugging. Children are taught the basics of computer programming and code. They learn about sequences and lines of script. They learn how computers work and enjoy making interactive games. The children learn how to code using ‘Scratch’ and other coding platforms. The children are taught to support one another and to help one another find solutions when their programs fail to work (debugging).


Information Technology

The children learn how to use the computers to organise work and complete tasks. They learn about the Internet and the World Wide Web. They learn to use the computers for a purpose.

Digital Literacy

Children have the opportunity to use digital cameras and multimedia to enhance their presentation of work.We also believe it is important to create confidence in the use of computers / IT across the curriculum. This is done not only through word processing, but in the general handling of information, be it in simple story form or more sophisticated desk-top publishing, graphing, creating a piece of music or collecting data from our various items of sensor equipment.The children learn about how technology is used beyond school. They are taught how to be safe whilst using computers and how to evaluate content on the web.